What If I Need To Reorder?

If you order a similar quantity of shirts a second time the price will be about the same. However, if you order 150 shirts and then call and need 6 more the price could be MUCH more....

If I can save one person from this mistake, then I have done my work here.

Many times people order exactly the number of T-Shirts they need, not considering unexpected people to show up, or sign up at the last moment.

Then we get the panic call, I need 6 more shirts!!! ...and that is where the trouble begins.

Here is why...

It costs us about $100.00 in Labor to set up the press for an average order, before we print the first shirt!
That's only about 75ยข per shirt when you are printing 150 shirts, but its over $16.00 per shirt when we are printing just 6 shirts! So your $5.00 shirt just went to $21.00! That's a budget buster!!!

The moral of the story is this..... Make sure you order a few extra shirts .... Just to be safe.

If you do find yourself in this position we do everything we can to make them as affordable as possible.