Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Depending on the design and the amount of work we have done on it we usually sell designs for $65 - $95 each.

Anything can be changed for Free!  Every T-Shirt we design is completely custom, the templates are just a starting point that speeds the process up a little. Feel free to change anything you like, add or remove elements or even combine several together to make something different.  We look forward to challenges!

Yes, go to Use Your Own Artwork to submit your own design.  Contact Us after you upload your design so that we know to look for it.

What? You don't need shirts? We are happy to send you the artwork files to be used however you like for a small fee (usually between $65 - $95 depending on how much work is involved for us).

We also produce other products as well, like banners, keychains, and waterbottles.  If you buy those products through us we will waive the design fee.

Yes, and it's still free!  Just submit a request for a Free Mock Up and describe what it is you would like us to create for you.

Yes. There may be a small charge to change the ink colors, if the design requires it.

We can get shirts from any major mill including Hanes, Anvil, Jerseez, Ultra Club, Port & Company, Independent Trading, Ping, Russel Athletic, Champion, Izod just to name a few.  Let us know what you prefer and I'm sure we can accomodate you.

Yes. Tell us the date you need your order, we will tell you if we can guarantee that delivery date.  If your order does not arrive by that date or sooner you are not obligated to pay. (This does not include UPS delivery delays which are out of our control)

No, I'm sorry.  Each shirt we print is made just for you and we would not be able to do anything with shirts returned to us. 

The free shipping* included with every order is sent via UPS™ Ground.  Although, we will ship by whatever means necessary to make sure your order gets to you on time.  If you need your order to ship next day air for example we would just charge you the difference between ground shipping and next day air.

Once your order is shipped we will send you an e-mail with the estimated delivery date along with the tracking number.

*Free Shipping applies to orders over 24 shirts, and within the 48 continental United States

If you order a similar quantity of shirts a second time the price will be about the same. However, if you order 150 shirts and then call and need 6 more the price could be MUCH more....

If I can save one person from this mistake, then I have done my work here.

Many times people order exactly the number of T-Shirts they need, not considering unexpected people to show up, or sign up at the last moment.

Then we get the panic call, I need 6 more shirts!!! ...and that is where the trouble begins.

Here is why...

It costs us about $100.00 in Labor to set up the press for an average order, before we print the first shirt!
That's only about 75¢ per shirt when you are printing 150 shirts, but its over $16.00 per shirt when we are printing just 6 shirts! So your $5.00 shirt just went to $21.00! That's a budget buster!!!

The moral of the story is this..... Make sure you order a few extra shirts .... Just to be safe.

If you do find yourself in this position we do everything we can to make them as affordable as possible.

Yes. There may be a small charge to change the ink colors, if the design requires it.

If the shirts are going to be paid directly by church or school check we will ship shirts before we have been paid.  Howvever, if you are paying for the shirts personally we will need to charge a credit card when they ship, or you can send us a check before the shirts ship out.

Yes. As long as the design is the same, you can combine any combination of shirts to reach your price break. For example you may order 24 Sweatshirts, 12 Long sleeves and 12 Short sleeves to reach the 48 price level.

We are proud to offer free shipping on any order of 24 shirts or more. * Free shipping offer applies to custom printed merchandise within the continental United States

Youth Ministry T-shirts offers free shipping, for orders over 24 shirts and for shipments within the 48 continental United States. We generally send our t-shirt orders via UPS™ Ground, but we are willing to explore other avenues if there's any question of missing that all-important, agreed upon shipment date. Here at Youth Ministry Shirts, we take commitments seriously. We deliver. Once your order is shipped we will send you an e-mail with the estimated delivery date along with the tracking number.

While the Free Request Form gets things started and is useful for answering the cost question, and submitting your own artwork and viewing the templates points to a simplified process, it's the phone call or email that allows us to pin down the order details, ultimately resulting in a quality, picture perfect, end product. Contact us today and we'll assist you promptly and efficiently with your youth ministry shirt request.

We do offer convenient website features that allow you to begin the ordering process. By filling out our Free Request Form you'll get a better idea of where you're headed with pricing. Going to our View Templates section, makes finding the perfect T-Shirt design easy. We also offer the option of Using Your Own Artwork, which adds to the appeal of our business.

Communication via phone or email grants us that opportunity to get all of the details out in the open, leading to that perfectly designed youth ministry shirt. Contact Us today.