Youth Ministry T-Shirt Tips

1. Go with professional designers and get exceptional youth ministry t-shirts in return.

2. Get ideas from the templates. Logo template designs offer the perfect starting point and with just a few minor adjustments to match your exact group theme, templates turn into a unique custom design.

3. Let the teens in on the design action. Getting their take on the youth ministry logo can make all the difference.

4. Order enough t-shirts right out of the gate. People often underestimate the amount of t-shirts they will need for their youth ministry group, which can mean an increase in costs. Get more t-shirts than you need and when that new person joins the group, you'll have no worries.

5. Don't underestimate the power of Youth Ministry T-Shirts. A group wearing t-shirts inscribed with meaningful logos, reveals a great sense of unity and brings further attention to your ministry.